Monday, October 5, 2009

Wave goodbye to energy problems?

Could wave and tidal energy be efficient means of generating electricity? Could this coastal resource then power the extremely energy intensive desalination process? My research project this semester is exploring the current literature on these new technologies and applying this information to the potential for use in desalination. Since my project this summer, coastal watersheds have become more and more interesting. Saltwater intrusion is already causing many coastal areas (including Virginia) to turn to desalination as a means for providing fresh water to the growing populations. While renewable energy technologies continue to advance and become more efficient, ideas such as wave and tidal energy have not been explored in terms of environmental impact and sustainability. I will post more information as I collect it but I am extremely eager to determine if these new energies could provide enough electricity for the inevitable increase in desalination water treatment plants.

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  1. Great post. Thanks for this one. You guys are doing such a great job on this blog. Keep 'em commin'! - patrick